Rules for Posting Results

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Rules for Posting Results

Post by Wiked » Fri Mar 24, 2006 4:28 pm

When anybody starts off a new topic covering the results from a round (starting from P1) then please title the topic like this:

[BATHURST 1000] - All Results

Then all results from this round will go into this topic only. This avoids having multiple topics about the same thing. Makes the forum easier to navigate also.

Whoever is the first to post results for a selected round please follow this rule and then anybody else posting results for that round also post in the same thread.

If any 2 members post the same results at virtually the same time then the poster with the later post will have that deleted unless they do it themselves after realising what has happened.


Also if you are posting results for a race that has not yet been shown on TV then please DO NOT include the name of the winner in the subject title so members seeing the newest posts don't have the winner before the race has been shown.

Thank You
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